How to fix cystitis and UTI’s without drugs or antibiotics!

Have you ever had cystitis or a urinary tract infection?

If you’ve ever had Cystitis or a Urinary Tract Infection you will know how excruciating the pain can be! The common symptoms of cystitis and UTIs are:

  • Pain or a stinging sensation when you urinate.
  • Needing to urinate often, but only passing small amounts each time.
  • Dark, strong-smelling urine.
  • Blood in your urine.
  • Pain in your belly or lower back feeling feverish.

Remedies for cystitis and UTI’s

I suffered from cystitis and UTI’s for over 10 years of my life. It was a miserable and debilitating time. I would sometimes end up in A&E when the condition became chronic, sorry not pretty, with me peeing blood! I always knew when I was about to have a bout as my first sign was a heavy feeling in my uterus followed by the sensation that I was peeing glass. Sometimes I would have antibiotics left over from the last bout of infection so I would get started whilst waiting for a doctors appointment to get a new prescription. It did worry me that I was consuming a lot of antibiotics and we all know that they are not to be used unless absolutely necessary.

UTI symptom free without antibiotics 

My solution and miracle came in the form of Rosa, my Thermographer, I’ll tell you about that in another post! I told her I was trying to fight the latest bout of UTI naturally by using bicarbonate of soda, which by the way, does calm things down a little. That’s when she asked me if I’d ever heard of D-Mannose? She told me that she used to suffer terribly from UTI’s before she came across this miracle powder. She explained that it was the most effective remedy she had ever used and urged me to try it. She also said that hers never came back!

What is D-Mannose?

I was very excited and couldn’t wait to buy my first pack of D-Mannose which I got from my health food shop.  It comes in tablet and powder forms.  I followed the instructions carefully and to my surprise my symptoms started to fade. I continued using the powder for a week after the symptoms disappeared completely just to be sure. I couldn’t believe it when I was left totally symptom free without the use of antibiotics! My UTI returned very mildly once after that, in fact, it was more like a mild bout of cystitis. I reached for my D-Mannose formula quicker than you can blink, and again, my symptoms disappeared very quickly. That happened four years ago. I can honestly say since then I’ve never even had so much as a tingle. I’ve recommended this to family and friends who have also achieved great success with it.

Essentially, D-Mannose formula is derived from cranberries which are rich in bio-active plant compounds. These compounds work by preventing E. coli (one of the main causes of UTI’s) from sticking to the inner surface of your bladder and urinary tract. It contains simple fruit sugars which are very safe for everyone, even children 12 years and over. (If you are diabetic, check with your doctor that it won’t cause you any problems, just to be on the safe side).

Luna Harper

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