A chemical free, natural and organic deodorant

A natural deodorant for women that actually works!

A natural organic deodorant that works all day!! When we decided as a family to go chemical free on skin and body care products, we knew our biggest challenge would be finding a deodorant that works. The decision came after a breast check showed that the lymph nodes under my arms were blocked. I was told that it was my deodorant that was causing the problem. It never occurred to me that that was even possible. 

Staying fresh all day

Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain substances like aluminium and preservatives that can become lodged in the lymph nodes and soft tissue in the body.  The manufacturers of theses deodorants will claim that the ingredients in their deodorants are perfectly safe to use but why risk it? We tried countless brands of natural deodorants. Some were slightly better than others but nothing, and I mean nothing, seemed capable of keeping odour at bay for very long. It becomes tedious having to visit random public loos or any bathroom you can find to freshen up in, so the search continued.. 

We very nearly missed it, but breakthrough came when we stumbled upon the amazing deodorant called Undercover Agent by True Organics of Sweden. It worked!  We needed to be absolutely sure so we tested it on my teenage daughter who was never able to stay fresh for long, even with the more popular brands.  After using Undercover Agent for a few days, said she has never felt more confident and was very happy that her body and clothes still smelled fresh at the end of the day. My son-in-law also trialled Undercover Agent and it worked brilliantly for him too. Undercover Agent deodorant is now one of our best sellers.  Everyone who buys it always re-purchases it again and again. It is popular with men and women as well as teenagers!  We have a lot of mums who buy it for their children because it is organic, natural and chemical free.


It comes as a roll on and has a light fresh scent which is suitable for everyone. 

If you need a natural deodorant that won’t let you down, look no further.  You’ll find it here at Plant Apostle. Just click here for the amazing Undercover Agent.  Great name, don’t you think!

Luna Harper

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